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Ion traps for studies with radioisotopes

Ion traps have become popular at rare-isotope-beam (RIB) facilities for both beam preparation and high-precision experiments as they confine ions to a small volume with well-defined fields and extended interrogation times. These are textbook-like conditions for decay spectroscopy experiments. The superposition of electric and magnetic fields in a Penning trap allow for measurements of the cyclotron and Larmor frequency, from which the mass and the g-factor of the charged particle may be deduced. As ion traps can be used for single-ion manipulation and detection as well as with large ion clouds (>1010 particles), they are ideal for use in beam preparation such as accumulation, cooling, bunching, beam purification, and charge breeding. I will discuss the role of ion traps at RIB facilities before focusing on those deployed at TRIUMF for Penning trap mass spectrometry and in-trap decay spectroscopy.


Ania Kwiatkowski


The seminar by Ania Kwiatkowski from TITAN experiment TRIUMF.