At this time, graduate students (MSc and PhD) can only apply to be an IsoSiM Associate Graduate Student. Graduate stipend applications are no longer accepted.

IsoSiM Graduate Students (MSc or PhD)

Required Actions

  1. Enrolment in a UBC graduate program listed below

  2. Submission of the online IsoSiM application form and Curriculum Vitae

Successful acceptance to both is required, but may occur in any order.


1. UBC Graduate Program Enrollment

To become an IsoSiM graduate student, you must be enrolled in a graduate program with one of the following UBC Departments and Faculties:

If you are in the process of applying to a UBC graduate program, be aware that deadlines and program requirements vary between departments and faculties. Follow the application procedures outlined in the departmental links above to ensure your timely acceptance and enrollment at UBC.

Finding a Supervisor (if applicable)

If you are required to specify desired research supervisors as part of your UBC graduate application, browse the IsoSiM website for research areas and projects that interest you. Establish contact with your prospective supervisor(s) before listing them on your application. To determine if this is required for your program, please refer to your respective department or faculty (links provided above).


2. IsoSiM Application

A separate online application must be submitted directly to IsoSiM. Students must submit the online IsoSiM application form together with their Curriculum Vitae. Stipends are available for international students. Students with pre-existing stipends are welcome to apply, however they will not be provided with an additional stipend amount. Stipend eligibility will be assessed automatically based on the submitted IsoSiM application form. Applications can be submitted at any time.

IsoSiM Associate Graduate Students (MSc or PhD)

Graduate students working in isotope-related areas at TRIUMF or any neighbouring universities can apply to become an IsoSiM Associate Graduate Student. To apply to be an IsoSiM Associate Graduate Student, students must submit the IsoSiM application form together with their Curriculum Vitae. Please note that IsoSiM does not offer stipends to associate members. Applications for an associate membership can be submitted at any time.

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