UBC Course PHYS565

Applications of isotopes in Science and Medicine

PHYS 565 will provide graduate-level students with hands-on experience with the various applications of isotopes, across the scientific spectrum.

Drawing upon the expertise of the IsoSiM program instructors, students will be taught how to transfer their knowledge between various disciplines, including: radiology, nuclear and accelerator physics, chemistry, material sciences, pharmacy, and oceanography. This will be done through the execution of team projects. Using the theoretical knowledge gained during class sessions, students will complete projects at TRIUMF or in the labs of instructors. This work will encourage the development of skills above and beyond the production of radioisotopes. This includes data analysis, scientific presentation and interpersonal communication skills, which can all be directly transferred into real world, working situations.

~Nicolas Zdunich, TRIUMF Communications Group

Team projects in 2015:

  1. Trace metals in phytoplankton
  2. Material characterization with muSR
  3. PET-tracer production
Liz Montroy