IsoSiM Students Gain Newfound Negotiation Skills in Immersive Workshop

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Negotiations take place in many situations, from simply bargaining with friends and buying a car, to selling an innovative new product to a company. Negotiation skills are valuable, not just for those working in business or sales, but also for those working in science. 

“Working in science is a very collaborative thing,” said IsoSiM Nuclear Physics student Andrew Finlay. “I need to be able to effectively make a variety of negotiations with those I work with … to work together towards mutually beneficial goals.”

On May 6th, IsoSiM students took part in an Introduction to Effective Negotiations workshop as part of IsoSiM’s Professional Skills Development programming, which is organized based on the interests of IsoSiM students. This year, students have expressed interest in learning about negotiations, entrepreneurship, grant writing, networking, and leadership.

SFU Beedie School of Business Associate Professor David Hannah led the negotiations workshop, which students described as being intensive, interactive, and hands-on. Hannah, who obtained a PhD from the University of Texas and has been published in numerous journals, was an engaging and passionate speaker.

The workshop was split into two parts. The first was a lunchtime seminar during which students negotiated with a partner over the price of a used car. While debriefing what happened with the larger group, Hannah introduced basic negotiation concepts. The second part was an afternoon workshop featuring several other roleplaying situations. Negotiation strategies were explored in depth as students faced win-lose and win-win scenarios.

 “I became much more informed about details of negotiations and how to have an effective negotiation in real life by considering tactics for dealing,” said IsoSiM Pharmaceutical Sciences student Zeynab Nosrati.

For IsoSiM Accelerator Physics student Edward Thoeng, the preparation tactics Hannah taught were especially pertinent: “Always get an estimate of what is your baseline of price or value you want to negotiate … Always know whether you have alternatives as a bargaining card for negotiations.”

With newfound knowledge and understanding of negotiation tactics, IsoSiM students have obtained confidence in their negotiating skills, and are excited to use these skills in both their academic and professional careers.

~ Liz Montroy, IsoSiM Communications Assistant

Liz Montroy