From a Student's Perspective: Making International Connections at the 2016 Summer School

Last week, IsoSiM students attended the 2016 IsoSiM/HGS-HIRe Summer School in Schmitten, Germany. Here's what IsoSiM student Andrew Robertson has to say about his experience.

Isotopes for Science and Medicine | IsoSiM | TRIUMF | UBC | Summer School

I have just returned from the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research, where I got to see a unique accelerator that can accelerate any element, from hydrogen to uranium. Like TRIUMF, they use these particles in a variety of ways, such as expanding the periodic table or treating tumours with carbon ions. As someone who is used to giving tours at TRIUMF, I enjoyed the different perspective of someone who is impressed by seeing a facility like this for the first time. 

Like most aspects of the IsoSiM/HGS-HIRe Summer School, the GSI tour was a combination of something new and something familiar. The diversity of scientific backgrounds and applications of radioisotopes means I am learning a lot about topics from outside my field, from oceanography to astrophysics. At the same time, I've met students from multiple countries who are working my field and I've benefited from hearing about how, like me, they are leveraging their own unique world-class facilities to solve problems in health care.

Before this week I only knew of one other person (from TRIUMF) who is collecting isotopes for medical applications from an Isotope Separation On-Line facility. Now I know three! 

It's not all work here though. We've had plenty of time to enjoy all the German food and drinks, and I've been finding lots of time for some exercise. Here's a photo from my run through the nearby town this morning.

Isotopes for Science and Medicine | IsoSiM | TRIUMF | UBC | Summer School

See here for more information on the 2016 IsoSiM/HGS-HIRe Summer School. 

Liz Montroy