The Faraday show, UBC physics and IsoSIM

On Sunday 11th December IsoSIM teamed up with UBC Physics and Astronomy to host the 13th annual Faraday Show, a fun day of physics to the public in support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. The Faraday show is a free event, held at UBC, which aims to teach children about physics. The theme this year was chosen to be ‘Good Vibrations’, which focuses on the physics of music and sound. 

This year a team of IsoSIM volunteers took part in the event by demonstrating how to build (and play!) various DIY musical instruments. As parents and children gathered in the lobby before the event, our volunteers greeted the guests and we showed them how each instrument uses vibrations to make different sounds.

The show itself was an entertaining 90 minute performance featuring flaming Ruben’s tubes, live musical recitals, a teeshirt giveaway and much more. We also took intimate look at sounds using a Sonogram, which shows how all sounds are built up of different harmonics that combine to give them a unique character.

A big thank you our IsoSIM volunteers for making this year’s show one of the best yet. We will be back next December for the 14th annual show!

Monika Stachura