The Perfect Pairing of Expertise & Infrastructure 

Isotopes are used every day in diverse fields that include medical research, environmental science, characterization of new materials, and investigations of the foundations of the universe, and Canada is a significant player when it comes to isotope research and industries. For example, Canada is a leader in the production of medical isotopes, producing over 40% of the world's supply; this is a $4 billion global business with continued yearly growth of up to 4% that shows no signs of slowing down.

Institutions like UBC, TRIUMF, and the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) alongside companies like Nordion and Advanced Cyclotron Solutions Inc., have transformed Vancouver into a world-class cluster for isotope-related research and industries.

The IsoSiM Advantage

We have established a training program to provide you with the distinct skills required for employment in isotope-related fields. This includes the development of new radioisotopes and the promotion of innovative isotope applications in environmental science and medicine. We give you the tools you need to succeed as an undergraduate student, graduate student, and postdoctoral fellow.

Our method focuses on critical transitional skills by educating students in isotope applications. IsoSiM trainees learn essential aspects of isotope production, preparation, and detection.

Mobility is encouraged through our student placement program that builds on strong, existing collaborations between UBC, TRIUMF, and partners in Germany.

Your IsoSiM Adventure is Waiting

IsoSiM provides enriched training experiences in the production, preparation, and application of isotopes for science and medicine in world-class collaborative research environments. This is enhanced by professional skills development as well as internships in industrial and public sector partners of the program.

Interdisciplinary training and experiential learning activities empower students to become the next generation of leaders for isotope related activities, whether in industry, public health, environmental and governmental sectors, or academia. 

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